Charlottesville Catholic School continues to flourish, with our highest enrollment to date at 370 students this year. We must ensure CCS has the appropriate facility to continue to achieve our goals and embrace the growth in enrollment. The Light My Path campaign turns the page to the next chapter for Charlottesville Catholic School.Every step in the journey of our students is lit by the wisdom, love, and care of our faculty and supportive community. While we light the path for our students, our students are challenged to light the world.

Project Vision

Our extraordinary enrollment success has prompted the need for a campus redesign. We conducted a feasibility study in October which indicated we can raise the necessary $1.5 million to fund Priority #1 of our campus redesign, and we will continue to work towards raising an additional $4 million to construct a new Community Life and Art Center.

Priority #1 encompasses the critical components of the redesign that need to happen now to address our enrolled student population. Indoors, the art room and middle school learning spaces will be expanded in size, and additional bathrooms will be added. To address challenges with acoustics, the gymnasium ceiling will be properly treated. Outdoors, we will expand seating and put it under canopy cover for lunches, events, and outdoor classroom space.

Expanded Chapel Courtyard

We have outgrown our cafeteria! Middle School has had to find creative solutions for lunchtime seating. We will add more seating and place it under a canopy to accommodate lunchtime and small community events.

  • Additional seating under canopy
  • Full seating capabilities for lunchtime
  • Flexibility to move class time outdoors
  • optimal for small community and donor events
Reconfigure Middle School & Art Space, Condition Gym Ceiling
  • Middle school classrooms need to be reconfigured to address educational needs. Additional bathrooms are needed for our student population. We will increase size of middle school classrooms and reconfigure for a hands-on learning approach and add larger bathrooms.
  • Art is a valuable component of our programming, but our Art room is insufficient and lacks appropriate lighting and storage. We will expand the art room from 700 sq. ft. to 960 sq. ft. for ample workspaces and kiln storage as well as improving lighting.
  • Due to lack of proper barriers, the acoustics in the gymnasium are not appropriate for Mass and school events. Add acoustic barriers for better sound control in the Gym.
Future plan: Community Life Center

Our longer-term goal is to secure an additional $4 million for construction of a Community Life and Art Center. This new addition will include holy space for school Mass, a 1400 sq. ft. Art Center, and room for school/community events. This space will also seat all students comfortably for indoor lunches.

Opportunity To Be Part of Something Big

The growth of our school brings us together as a community and family, and we hope you will join us in bringing this vision to life. We are officially in the stage of recording Pledge Intentions! Attached is a breakout of what 5-year pledges look like from an annual and monthly perspective. Below is a link to access the electronic Pledge Intention Form.

We thank you in advance for your support!